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I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was six years old living in NJ. I went to undergraduate college at Cook College Rutgers on the pre-vet track and traveled overseas to Kenya and several other African countries for 13 months before I attended the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. I moved to this area in 1998 to join the Nassau Veterinary Clinic team and have been blessed every day to work with a great staff, supportive management and best of all, the animals! I am grateful for every pet owner who trusts us to provide the health care their furry family members need.

I have done extra training in small animal exotic medicine and enjoy working with small exotic mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats and more. I have also recently become much more interested in pain management and found it is a passion of mine. I love being of service by providing pain relief to pets. Part of my approach is working to prevent the very common, painful disease hip dysplasia through performing PennHIP radiographs. I believe this technology helps breeders select dogs with the best hips to breed. For those patients who already have pain or arthritis, we have many medications and supplements to help and a new and exciting therapy, Vet-Stem. This is a regenerative medicine technique in which adipose (fat) tissue is collected from the patient, stem cells are harvested and injected into arthritic joints. Laser surgery is available to reduce pain and swelling post-operatively for our surgery patients. And I am excited to be currently attending medical veterinary acupuncture training at the Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine. I will be certified mid-May and will be able offer more treatment options for many health conditions in pets, including pain relief.

In the past I have lived and worked with snakes, lizards, budgies, parrots, mice, rats, hamsters, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, horses and seamonkeys. I now live with my husband John in our now rather quiet 1830's farmhouse in Averill Park with our two happy kitties, Chaos and Napoleon.


PennHIP - see more at http://www.pennhip.org/

Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicine - see more at http://www.vet-stem.com/

Personal Interests:

Yoga, manga, anime, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, reading, music, art museums, friends and family.


To treat your pet with kindness and respect no matter how stressed or scared s/he may be at our clinic.

To pursue the best education I can to care for your pet and support you in making well informed health care decisions for your beloved pet.

To relieve as much pain and suffering in pets as possible.


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  • Wildlife Management and Ecology Kenya, School for Field Studies - College 1992
  • Cook College Rutgers University - College 1993
  • School of Veterinary Medicine University of Pennsylvania - College 1998