Dog running obstacle course


Course Description - If you find yourself daydreaming at the thought of coaching your dog over jumps, through tunnels, and along teeter-totters, then you will probably LOVE taking an agility class at Nassau Veterinary Clinic.

Dog looking for a treat on the groundIn Dog Agility, your dog will get an opportunity to demonstrate it's agile nature and versatility by mastering a series of challenging obstacles. The sport had been loosely modeled on equestrian stadium jumping competitions, and it has evolved its own performance ideals. The handler must coach their dog safely on these obstacles. Success requires proper training, as it is a game of physical skill, control, patience, and most of all teamwork between dog and owner. Learn the sport and allow your athletic dog to excel and have A HEALTHY DOSE OF FUN and exercise in a safe, positive environment at Nassau Vet. You may choose between a low-keyed introductory skill-building FUN class ... or participate in a more serious BEGINNER class to really see if you and your dog would like to compete in this exciting sport.

Agility courses consist of jumps, tunnels, a tire, a pause table, weave poles, dog-walks, see saws, and A-Frames. Treat yourself and your dog to some of the most fun times you will have together! Agility has proven useful in giving high-energy, athletic dogs an outlet for as well as helping shy dogs come out of their shells to have a great time and build confidence. Participants need at least one basic training class before taking these courses. Knowledge of clicker training concepts is a huge help.