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Puppy Parties

Are CONGRATULATIONS in order? Has your family decided to share your home with a new puppy? Excellent veterinary care is the right start, but does not "the-perfect-Fido" make… Everyone knows that puppies need socialization, training, and leadership! Nassau Vet Clinic sponsors

Puppy Parties 

in an effort to "create healthier bonds between pets and people." Our PUPPY PARTIES were recently given recognition by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. This outstanding NVC service was highlighted in a practice management video distributed nationally.

Free of charge to both clients and visitors, we gather at monthly puppy parties to educate new puppy owners on the many facets of raising the well-mannered puppy. From housebreaking to socializing, both new and age-old information is presented by qualified instructors and trainers. Fun, education, socialization and good ol' fashioned puppy play abound! Enthusiastic owners are encouraged to continue through the Puppy Kindergarten classes, and may then choose to go on through several training class choices and levels.

Proof of 2 Distemper/Parvo, as well as Bordetella vaccines, are required. Call (518) 245-3223 for schedules.

People holding cute puppies