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Nassau Veterinary Clinic is so proud to present our staff. We hire employees that are well-educated, compassionate, congenial and approachable. The ability to educate and communicate with owners is second only to the competent and gentle care for your pet. This caring team at NVC was awarded the distinction of being named the 2002 Veterinary Team of the Year.


Currently, Eight New York State Licensed Veterinary Technicians are on staff to support the six Veterinarians. Nine Veterinary Assistants provide animal care and client education. Ten Client Services Representatives cheerfully arrange your appointments and support the front office, along with a Bookkeeper to manage our financial commitments. Seven Animal Care Attendants provide gentle care to hospital patients as well as to boarding guests. Additional services provided by our in-house staff include dog training and agility, behavior consultations and professional grooming.

A Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) keeps the hospital running smoothly, providing a conduit between the practice owners, staff members and clients.

We are proud to report that currently, our 46 employees love and care for *232+ of their own pets!! [Note: this number does NOT include Ms. DeFazio's flock of chickens!] Paws, whiskers…feathers, fins…hooves, scales…they all share our homes and our lives. Our unique relationships with these friends make it possible for us to better understand your pets' needs as well as your bond with them.



Licensed Veterinary Technicians and Assistants:



Dr. Lisa Dietrich (Zimmerman) , Owner
Dr. Thomas Phillips
Dr. Thomas Phillips, Owner
Dr. Rose Floetenmeyer
Dr. Rose Broglio
Dr. Carolyn Sanford (Behavior Consultant)
Dr. Beth Ann Shane
Dr. Beth Ann Shane
Dr. Catherine Ruggiero
Florence Sanford, CVPM