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Nassau Veterinary Clinic offers its patients the speed and convenience of a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory. Many tests can be run quickly, giving the veterinarian valuable information during the course of an appointment.

We are able to perform emergency, pre-surgical and routine blood chemistries, as well as CBCs with our Vet Test IDEXX machines. Our in-house lab also provides advantages to our diabetic patients. Technicians can monitor blood glucose levels throughout the day in order for their veterinarian to best regulate them.

In addition to our computerized system, NVC employs trained technical staff to perform various manual laboratory services. Cytology samples are read daily to differentiate the severity of various tumor cells. Ear swabs and skin scrapings are observed for infections, yeast, bacteria and mites. All cytology slides are stained with Rapid Diff Stain. Urine samples are analyzed to observe sediment for infection,and/or cancerous cells. Fecal floats are read regularly on all pets, including exotics, to check for internal parasites. We also routinely run SNAP tests for Feline Leukemia/FIV, Lyme screening and canine heartworm. SNAP tests are quick, easy and accurate.

Some testing done at NVC requires referral laboratories. Thyroid tests are shipped to Michigan State University. Blood titers for Parvo, Distemper and Lyme Disease are done at Cornell. IDEXX Lab runs diagnostic tests such as comprehensive chemistries, histopathy, immunology, microbiology and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Ultimately, NVC's laboratory goal is to provide your pet's veterinarian with the finest in diagnostic testing to best serve all patients' needs.